Sports Medicine Physicians

Sports Medicine is a broad category that includes prevention, evaluation, surgical and nonsurgical treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.

Sports injuries are not age specific; they can start in youth soccer, high school varsity, club events, college, professional sports, senior golf and tennis leagues. Your aches and pains can develop as a weekend warrior, a work-related injury, or even an accident that occurs while walking your dog. The sports medicine physicians at Peachtree Orthopedics are fellowship trained sports medicine specialists, and our job is getting you back into the games and activities that you enjoy.

Common sports injuries include ACL tears, meniscus cartilage tears, ligament and labral injuries in the shoulder, and rotator cuff tears. Nonsurgical treatment options may be used for many of these sports related injuries. Treatment can include activity or equipment modifications events, specific muscular training, cross training techniques, and selective use of steroid or joint lubrication materials.

Our doctors can treat many of the more serious injuries with arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgery utilizes small cameras the size of a pen, pumping fluid through a joint to aid in visualization, with small incisions, as outpatient procedures. The pain that was associated with older techniques and the recovery time has dramatically improved. Regenerative medicine modalities, like PRP or stem cell type injections are also new options for treatment.

Peachtree Orthopedics offers the best sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons in the Atlanta area.