Orthopedic Hand and Wrist Specialists

The hand and wrist are involved in essentially all daily activities. It's therefore not surprising that these structures are often injured, whether from direct trauma or gradual wear and tear.

Our orthopedic hand surgeons are specialists in treating common traumatic injuries including finger fractures, wrist fractures, flexor or extensor tendon lacerations, digital nerve lacerations, partial finger amputations, or ligament tears of the wrist or fingers. These injuries often need to be managed in an urgent manner, so early evaluation by a physician is critical to obtaining the best outcome. Some of these injuries can be treated with immobilization, while others may require surgery to repair the injured structure.

Common degenerative conditions include arthritis of the hand, arthritis of the wrist, and ulnar impaction syndrome. Our hand and wrist doctors can help you manage these problems non-surgically initially, with treatments including bracing, medication, hand therapy, activity modification, and biologic or steroid injections. Because degenerative conditions are often progressive over time, there can be a need for surgical intervention.

The hand and wrist specialists at Peachtree Orthopedics in Atlanta offer the full gamut of operative and non-operative solutions for your condition, ranging from tried and true interventions to cutting edge advances. Our doctors are leaders in minimally-invasive technology, including endoscopic carpal tunnel releases for carpal tunnel syndrome and Xiaflex injections for Dupuytren's disease, both designed to get you back to the activities you love even faster.

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